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When I first thought about Cake Decorating, I would see a cake covered with the traditional buttercream frosting! Yeah, that type of cake that looks unattractive and was purely made to satisfy the palate! Well, that is what my idea of a cake was! Until I saw how themed cakes can light up a persons face on their birthday!

Roses in Cup

Today, cakes need to be eye-candy and delicious, but what nobody realize is that people who create these cakes are not just an ordinary bunch of people, we all have a reason for making these deserts.

Baking and decorating is so much more. It could be a skill, passion, an art form or even an outlet for your creativity.

To me.... it became my Addiction!

So, no matter which of the above you are, I am sure in my Sweet World you will find something that will stimulate your own creativity or even create a need to learn to decorate.

Alice in Wonderland Cake
White Wedding Cake with blue, brown roses.

The success of any Cake Decorator is the sharing of ideas and tips and the advice given. No matter at what level you are, you will never know it all. It is an industry that are constantly evolving with new techniques and tools and once you've started and paying it forward you will grow yourself.

What is even more amazing is that every artist work is a piece of art. It is their way of creating and applying their knowledge. My goal is to create a place where we all can learn from each other. Now, do not delay....subscribe to my newsletter and become part of the fabulous world of Cake Decorating!

What can you find in my Cake Decorating World?

The Cake Gallery are your starting point. Here you will find party cakes, picture cakes, baby shower cakes and character cakes.

There are also a few tutorials on each of the pages of cakes that I have  made. Just scroll as they are very specific such as: SpidermanThomas the Train and many more!

The best of all it is free, and I will be adding many more, so do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

If you would love to learn about cake decorating with me, in my Studio, then this page is for you. I've listed the workshops that you will need to start decorating successfully! If you can't attend my classes, then subscribe to my newsletter as I will soon be launching video tutorials for my subscribers only.

If you are like me, then you would love a free tutorial. I've probably watch thousands of them and that is how I've learned lots of my own skills. I prefer photo tutorials, especially step-by-step guides because I do not need to pause every 5 seconds. In my free cake decorating tutorials  you will see and understand exactly what to do! I literally spoon-feed, if you know what I mean!

Fondant can be your worst enemy. As well as coloring fondant if you are clueless! Investigate and understand the what and what not to do's! This is a page that will be growing steadily. From the most basic tips to advance techniques such as Isomalt. You will also learn how to bake a perfect cake, how to decorate the cake and so  much more.

It it was not for books, then my cake decorating journey would not be the same. Books are fun and when I have a book in my hand, I feel like I've won my cake battles already. 

The cake decorating books on this page is what made me who I am today. It inspired me and is even loved by my kids.

You can page through these books daily and never get bored. Like I've said before. I am really a visual learner, and the more I see, the more I want to try! I do not think life is long enough to make everything that I have pinned on pinterest....but I just keep pinning!

Without a good recipe, all your efforts are useless. Why spend hours doing cake decorating if the cake taste terrible. Lots of care needs to go into both. You need to understand the science of baking. The order of how it happens and why! 

Whether you are a carrot cake fan, choccie fan or someone that want to indulge in strange taste like Chilli Choc cake, then this page will be for you. You can also find cake decorating recipes of all the different mediums on this page.

Contact me if you have any questions!

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