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Cake Business Training for young and old


You can be the best Cake Decorator, but if you lack business skills and have no strategy you will probably smother your cake dreams and give up before you even gave your business a fighting chance.

I have learned the hard way, but I am now sharing my experience with you. I offer Cake Business Training to young and old. No need to be a business orientated person. I will guide you, every step of the way.

Every business needs to start somewhere. People tend to give up so quickly because they do not make money immediately and most of the time it is because they lack the knowledge in setting up their business strategically. It is like a ship that does not have a compass to direct it, floating without purpose.

Finally, a powerful and affordable online Cake Costing Software that will help you price your cakes in no time! No technical experience or difficult spreadsheets. It is so easy, even your grandma can price her bakes. Learn more...​​​​​​​

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