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    How I started making money with my cake decorating passion!



    Which of these sounds most familiar?

    Costing my cakes is a nightmare that does not go away!

    I have no idea how to make money with my baking!

    My competition is too big. Everyone makes cakes. I can't compete!

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    How to decorate cakes the right way!

    To know how to decorate cakes starts from the moment it leaves the oven, is of the utmost importance. You can add the most beautiful flowers and decorations to a cake, but if it is uneven and has humps and bumps, you might as well stop decorating.

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    How to bake a flawless cake!

    To bake a cake that is delicious are just as important as decorating a cake. Without a delicious cake, your hard work in decorating the cake becomes null and void. If your cake is beautiful, but do not get that wow factor, you will lose a client forever. 

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    Cake decorating tips that will save you money!

    I have a few tips that I've found works best for me. Some of the well-known and some might not be so familiar - well not that I know of. My purpose of sharing these tips with you is to help you decorate quicker, faster and with less expensive tools. 

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    Create your own cake recipe

    Have you ever tried to create your own recipe?
    It is not impossible, but you will need to have some math skills. Understanding ratio’s or proportions will greatly benefit you but it does not only end with Maths. You will also need to understand the science of baking. The how, when, where and why is important to create your own recipe from scratch.

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