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Decorating Addiction, March 2018 -- Listing your Business
March 02, 2018

List Your Business Free

Forever & Ever

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The month of love is now over!

So, I hope that you've made lots of cakes and cookies and delightful eats because soon you will have the opportunity to be the first to submit your awesome treats free of charge on my website. Just be on the lookout for that SPECIAL mail early in the month of March.

For now, there are other opportunities knocking on your door, especially if you are a baker or decorator that wants a platform to advertise your business for free!

Yes, I carry all the cost of hosting the website and doing the advertising and it cost you nothing! Unbelievable right! Now how do you go about getting your listing on the site? You just need to complete this form, submit and I will be in contact with you as soon as your listing is life. That's it! Awesomeness!

 All you need to do is to complete the form, submit and I will be in contact once your listing is live on my site.

Cake Craft Studio as you know it has changed. We no longer advertise Cake Decorating Classes but do train on demand. That means, if you have something specific that you need training on or you and your friends wants to have a fun day out, then you can give us a call and we will organize something amazing just for you.

We do however, will be offering online training. If you liked my Facebook Page, then you will now when the next Facebook Live Training will be. I will also offer training on my website from time to time. Just make sure you read your monthly newsletter.

Today, I am also sharing my secret weapon: My training partners...some of the goodies are free - especially the beginner tutorials, but the other tutorials are really worth it!

Last but not least. I've added a section under the members area that are only for my Subscribers. It is pass-word protected and the password changes monthly.

This month I'm giving away my favorite "No Spread Cookie Recipe" It is perfect for decorated cookies and really taste fabulous. If you have questions about it, just let me know, but for  now you can get the printable recipe here. The password for this page is: CakeCraftStudio (it is case sensitive, so make sure your copy/paste it when prompted).

There are also other new recipes on my site if you did not have the time yet to go look at them. I also talk about how you can create your own recipe. A must for all new bakers!

Oh, I almost forgot. On the members page is also a new section called:SPECIALS. It is about the products that I sell and endorse. You will not get it cheaper anywhere else, not even from the manufacturer themselves. This is just for you!

Have fun and happy baking!


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