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Decorating Addiction, February 2018 -- Science of Baking
February 01, 2018

Learn the Science of Baking

And Succeed Every Time

It is already February

It is already February! The month of love!

The color red becomes the most important substance in a cake decorators diary!

Everyone wants cookies or cakes that are red and full of hearts!

Whether you celebrate Valentines day or can't escape it. It is everywhere! Creeping up on you when you do your shopping or any other daily task. It is in your face, on the TV and even in your house!

But, what is a beautiful, decorated heart cake without a faboulous taste! In this newsletter I will be sharing the secrets of baking!

If you are a baker, you are a scientist too because Baking is science!

Any changes (too much baking powder, warm eggs etc) to a recipe can make the difference between a moist cake and a brick!

To understand what each product's function are is very important. If you grasp that, you will be able to make show stopper cakes!

So let's go...

  • Flour - Gives structure to the cake

  • Baking powder/soda - Gives airiness

  • Eggs - Binds the ingredients togethor (have you ever seen a chicken fall apart)

  • Butter/Oil - Tendertize it

  • Milk/Water - Provides moisture

When you combine the wet and the dry ingredients it all start to work. The proteins in the flour bond and create gluten which makes the cake jump back if you press it slightly when you are done baking it. The eggs keep the ingredients together while the baking powder release carbon dioxide and adding air to the batter. If you over mix, you will be removing the air from the batter. That is why it is important to fold it in, if that is what the recipe call for.

If you are in a rush and you feel like throwing all the ingredients togethor to make the process faster - don't! The dry ingredients need to be used in the right order, otherwise you might end up with a clumpy mixture.

The final magic happens in the oven. The starch from the flour and the sugar creates a weblike structure that traps water and provides moisture. The carbon dioxide expand the cake, while the gluten holds the air and the oils lubricate the process. So, do not remove your cake too early from the oven because it will collapse as this process takes time. I always say that it is safe to check when you can smell the cake.

If you are a more visual person and would love to see this whole process in pictures, just visit this link. You will think of baking differently!

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If you missed my latest Minnie Mouse Tutorial, you can find it here!

If you have any questions...let me know and I will love to help!

Happy Baking!





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