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Decorating Addiction, January 2018 -- Cake Decorating Tutorials
January 05, 2018

Free Step-by-Step

Cake Decorating Tutorials

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2018 started with a bang! Nope, believe it or not, I did not even see or hear one cracker - maybe because I was in church!


For Cake Craft Studio it is like a page being flipped over! My business keeps changing and evolving in a good way! Because I learn – yes, in this industry you keep learning. That includes watching Cake Decorating Tutorials as much as you can!  

I have my own mentor that challenge me with his Cake Decorating Tutorials, and yes, he does not come cheap but it is all worth it. You can visit his website and see what I mean. His website is filled with loads of fantastic free tutorials. Just subscribe and see what I  mean. It is really a game changer!

As we learn, we change and that is a fact. If you learn a new skill, you will never be the same, because yesterday you knew less and your thoughts about a certain topic were different. 

Take Cake Decorating as an example: You decide that you want to learn how to make a Fondant Rose. You’ve seen plenty of handmade roses and you’ve never tried your hand or even hardly touched fondant. Your thoughts will be: That is too difficult; I will not be able to do that. Then, you attend a class. Your first rose does not look that great, but something deep inside wants to try again. You persevere and ta-da! Your rose is now becoming really pretty. 

Now a family member saw you make this gorgeous flower and ask you to make her a cake with roses on it. You are bold and you just do it and it came out so nice! Quess what – you’ve changed! You now have more faith in your abilities that you had before. You have learned something that can create an income for you! 

I always teach my children that they should not go to bed if they did not learn something new in their day! Whether it is a new skill or a new word – never stop learning! 

If you want something in life you need to be willing to learn, start at the bottom, work hard, persevere and just keep going. That is the difference between successful people and people who fails. And yes, we all fail, but stand up and try again. The results are always awesome and you will feel that you deserve it. 

Now, after my preaching session, sorry! It brings me to one of the decisions I’ve made for 2018. 

I am offering my readers/subscribers free step-by-step cake decorating tutorials. I am focusing on things that anyone can make. Really breaking it up in small parts – it is just like you are in my class. 

Please note that they are not picture perfect, because if they were, it will be in a book form and you will need to pay for it, but it is just there to help you gain confidence in what you are doing. Whether it is baking for friends or starting your own empire. 

On my website are two sections. Cake Decorating Tutorials, where you will find tutorials that are not specific to a cake and then other pages that are referring to cakes being made. 

Here are the lists: 

Spiderman Cake Tutorials

How to make goodies for Baby Shower Cakes

Thomas the Train Figurine and Cake 

I dare you to make these items and email me your pics to showcase on my website! Who knows, I might even start a page just for your work! 

Also be on the look out for other more in depth tutorials that might rock the boat a bit, but it is all part of the learning curve. 

Last but not least, if you had a chance to be part of my offline classes - then a big thank you! But I will soon be offering live video classes on Facebook. Hope to see you there! Just make sure you like my page! 

If you like this newsletter, please do a friend and me a big favor and "pay it forward." 

If a friend DID forward this to you and if you like what you read, please subscribe by visiting my website and subscribe to the newsletter.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this zine and tell me what you think!



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