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Jacky De Klerk

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I am humble that you want to learn more about me and my "addiction" to Cake Decorating!

We all have a journey in life that we want to follow...but we do not always have an opportunity or the cash to follow our dreams...but sometimes, just sometimes we are in the right place in the right moment, pushed by circumstances into a certain direction. Now that is how my adventure in the Cake Business started.

I was working for a Corporate Company for many years, but when my son was born, the Corporate life started to weigh me down. My needs changed and so did my family. I was not prepared to just drop  my kids of at school anymore.

Problem is that I was earning a very good salary and how on earth will we cope with just one income? At first, we got rid of all the luxuries. We sold our home and moved into a smaller place. 

Somehow, we visited my friend one day and she introduced me to the world of Cake Decorating. (It was no coincidence) 

I took a leap of faith, bought a few pans and all the utmost important tools that will help me create a successful cake business.

O my, you should have seen my first attempt! It was so disappointing, but I decided I will not give up.

At first I only made for my family until one day I received an order for an "Alice in Wonderland" cake. I had no idea how to make this kind of cake,  but being a person who loves challenges, I did it anyway...The rest is history!

I watched YouTube videos - for hours. Read and devour all I can find about Cake Decorating. Attended a course and just kept going. One thing leads to another - I soon started offering classes of my own, focusing on decorating cakes with less equipment and with goodies you can use in your home as that was what I wish I knew when I started.  Then Cake Craft Studio was born....

I am not a pastry chef and I do not have a degree in the Culinary Arts at all, but I love being creative. Cake Craft Studio to me is not a business, but a creative outlet. A place to make beautiful food and to share what I know with others and hopefully inspire them to also embrace their creativity. 

MOre About Me

Then it happened!  I was blessed with with a studio of my own. No more packing out everything and packing it all back in again. I can decorate and create with all my heart but things changed again. My kids needed more attention and I had to make another plan. Baking cakes and offering cake decorating classes, teaching my kids and running my home felt like I am running a gauntlet. Something needs to change!

After picture of Cake Craft Studio

I stopped baking cakes for customers and started to focus only on a few Cake Decorating Classes. It was fun for a while until I realized that it is still taking up lots of  my time. I had to review it again. So, I googled, and googled and saw opportunities that looked great. I even tried one of them and the result was:


It was a huge mistake. All the bits and piece of advice that I found on the internet and the hours of searching for the right way in developing a profitable site was just atrocious. The saying: "You get what you pay for" Is TRUE! Finally, I cancelled that site! 

Again, another friend told me about this company that will guide me from scratch and will stick with me forever! Sounds impossible does it, but they do! They are amazing! No question is a dumb question. They are with you each step of the way! They teach you all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - they actually do it for you! No need to wonder anymore.

Solo Build It!
Solo Build It! Proof
Solo Build It! Results

Then Cakecraftstudio.com was born....I generate income from this website and so does millions of other SBI owners. It is all about passive income. It is not an overnight quick fix - there is work to do but you will never look back. 

Take the leap and see for yourself. They even have a money back guarantee!

There is one more thing I would like to share about me that has nothing to do with Cake Decorating:

I have a passion for Jesus and love sharing my life experiences with those that are interested in the spiritual side. If you feel that you need a prayer, or just an ear, please contact me and I will be more than willing to just chat! 

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