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Jacky De Klerk

I am humble that you want to learn more about me and my "addiction" to Cake Decorating!

We all have a journey in life that we want to follow...but we do not always have the opportunity or the cash to follow our dreams...but sometimes, just sometimes we are in the right place in the right moment, pushed by circumstances into a certain direction. Now that is how my adventure in the Cake Business started.

I found myself in place where my family needed an income - and quickly... I was a housewife and were homeschooling my 2 kids at the time. 

My friend introduced me to the world of Cake Decorating. She's been doing it for years and I could not believe what a person can create with food! I fell immediately in love with the craft and decided to give it a try! O my, you should've seen my first attempt! It was so disappointing that I wanted to give up, but I had no choice to try again as we needed the income

At first I only made for my family until one day I received an order for an "Alice in Wonderland" cake. I was horrified by the idea but being a person who loves challenges, I did it anyway...The rest is history!

 I watched YouTube videos - for hours. Read and devour all I can find about Cake Decorating. Attended a course and just kept going. One thing leads to another - I soon started offering classes of my own, focusing on decorating cakes with less equipment and with goodies you can use in your home as that was what I wish I knew when I started.  Then Cake Craft Studio was born....

I still had a very big longing for a place that I can call my own as I found working in my kitchen extremely difficult. To run a family, cook and decorate in the same room become such a tedious job that I just wanted to quit.

Every time I had to make a cake, I had to unpack everything and when I'm done pack it all away again. Even scheduling classes and trying to find perfect venues was a headache that just did not want to go away.

MOre About Me

Due to the strenuous activities I had to endure, I decided to sell my cake decorating tools and everything to do with cake decorating. I thought it was the right thing to do. I even went into a different industry for 4 months until I realized that I can't live without being creative! I tried different avenues of creativity, but cake decorating was the winner!

After picture of Cake Craft Studio

Things quickly changed and I was blessed to have my own Studio. It is still a work in progress, but I just love and adore it. We (my training clients)  have so much fun in that space...we make life-long friends and love every moment.

There is one more thing I would like to share about me that has nothing to do with Cake Decorating:

I have a passion for Jesus and love sharing my life experiences with those that are interested in the spiritual side. If you feel that you need a prayer, or just an ear, please contact me and I will be more than willing to just chat! 

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