Baby Shower Cakes
Cakes that makes you go Ahhh

When I was expecting my first child, I did not even think of Baby Shower Cakes. Yes, I am not that young anymore and cakes was not so popular then, but If it was, I would have designed a cake for myself that is mind blowing.

So, if you are expecting...allow the Cake Artist to create something for you that is unique. Not just a cake that was found on the internet, or the normal baby shower cakes you will find on the internet. Make it more interesting. Add a cradle made from fondant or add a picture strip around the cake of your sonar pics! Think a bit out of the box! 

Basic Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shoe Cake

This cake was made with the following pattern.

Just download it here and cut out the pattern.

Put it on fondant that is rolled-out. Not too thin as it needs to stand up so it does not flop down.You can put rolled up kitchen towel on the inside of the shoe while it dries to keep it's form. 

You can also find the how to tutorial for the box ribbon here. It is basically the same as the pink cake - only difference is the loops are on the side of the cake and not on top.

Tummy Cake

Wow, what can I say! I am so disappointed that I've never had the opportunity to make a stunning Tummy Cake. You might ask why. Well, clients do not always want to pay for detail. And, detail takes time and time is labor cost and it all adds up. I honestly hope, that one day, a client will be prepared to pay that extra for the detail. 

This cake was done with Pyrex Bowls. Did not use a round cake pan at all. Pyrex is easy to use, but  make sure that your cake do not dry out. Add layers of baking paper on the inside and a wet cloth insulated in foil to make sure it stays moist.

Other Baby Shower Cakes

If you are looking for a specific cake, just search below. 

I love making 2D figurines that stand next to a cake. It is easy to form as it can dry flat and by using a template, it makes it easy, even for beginners. Here you can find a similar template for:

Just download the template, print and start building your figurine one step at a time. 

Here is a tutorial for a:

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