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I think without Birthday Cakes, parties...especially kids parties will be so boring! I've seen many times how a child's face light up when he sees his birthday cake. He gets his gifts, but when food arrives in a form of his favorite character or toy, he feels overwhelmed. Mom, is awesome and his day reached a new height.

Kids cakes are the central piece of every party. Tradition dictates the blowing out of candles. Photo's taken with the cake...list goes on. It is always worth it to invest in a themed cake! 

Funny that when I think about kids cakes, I think of characters of movies, especially the well-known characters such as Barney, Spider-man, Minnie Mouse and many  more and that is why I decided to split the themed cakes between characters and cakes for parties. 

Spiderman, Batman and Superman, all in one Cake

Making cakes must not be seen as a job. It is a fun exercise and you need to involve the birthday buddy! The problem with character cakes; such as - Spider-man! There are so many variations of  Spider-man. Do not think you know what Spidey looks like. Honestly, I thought I knew until I made a Spider-man cake for a little boy. The mom collected the cake and was ecstatic and loved it. The next day I got a call from the mother - almost in tears...

She said: "Jacky, your cake was gorgeous and tasted divine, but my son hated it!"

SPIDER-MAN BIRTHDAY CAKES - Free Templates and Tutorial

Ouch, that hurt! Not something you want to hear from a client...The boy wanted the new "Amazing Spider-man", there is actually a difference and I did not know that, as I did not watch it. What a learning curve.  Make sure you know exactly everything there is to know about the character. Whether you are ordering the cake or making it yourself.

A few Birthday Cakes that might inspire you!

Last but not least. Cakes should be bright and colorful. You can use real toys instead of Sugar Figurines that your child can use again or you can opt for the making of the figurine and this is where the importance of how come in.

To make figurines stand up or do certain actions, you will need some sort of support. Most people use toothpicks or candy sticks, which is fine if there is no children involved. It is also not a good idea to use it, even if the mother said she will remember to warn the child or remove it herself.

She does not have the time to do that, as she will be to busy with other activities that day. As a Cake Decorator or even the mom herself making the cake, it is best to use spaghetti. My motto with all cakes are: If it is all not edible, then it is not cake!

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Find a free tutorial on how to make Thomas the Tank Figurine and so much more.

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