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To buy cake is sometimes a very difficult thing to do. Especially if you do not know the quality of the cake and what the final product would look like. We all know what Retail Cakes taste and look like and that is most of the time not what we would like to offer, that special people in our life.

Buy a Cake from Reputable Suppliers

When you buy cake, or planning to order one, make sure you ask yourself the following questions and do some type of research. Now why on earth should you do that?

Example: People do not realize the work that goes into a cake. Some cakes can take days to make as some things need to dry. 

Some needs certain skills to make and all of that determines the price.

You can't expect to pay the same prices you will find at a Retail Store. They are  mass produced and not personalized. 

Now, if you order a slice of cake in a top restaurant. What do you pay for that serving. is expensive and it is not even decorated or specially made just for you. See what I'm getting at. 

So, there are lots of things to consider when you request a quote from your local cake decorator. Before I started my business and ordered cakes just like you, people asked me questions like:

How many servings, 1 tier or bigger and last but not least, your budget? I would get a heart attack! But, I know understand, they need to know so they can give you the best possible price.

Points to ponder before you buy cake!

  • Do I know the baker? 
  • Do I have references for the baker? That can be through word-of-mouth references, face book pages where comments was made.
  • Do they have a website where they show their work.
  • Can you visit them to see where the cake is made?
  • Can you trust them...test them by requesting a quote and see how fast they respond. 
  • If they say they have cheap cakes...well think again as you will get what you pay for and then can't complain afterwards that it is not up to standard.
  • Is the Cake Decorator open to new ideas or do they only want to make cakes from existing pictures. 

If you consider all of this, then you are on your way to buy cake or get a quote that is reasonable and of high standard.

Read what other Cake Decorators say about the cost of making a cake. 

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