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Cake Decorating books was my first source of information. When you attend a course, you basically start at the beginning, especially if you are new to the Cake Industry. You then learn your way up the ladder, but while you are learning you need to keep your mind also occupied with reading.

Attending Cake Decorating Classes are great, but sometimes difficult to follow, especially if you do  not excel like the rest of the class. You can't just stop the tutor and ask them to wait for you. And that is where books are the best. You can follow the steps easier, put it away, take it with you to read on holiday etc. Well, that is what I did.

There are a few books that I've owned and still want and I've listed some of them here.

Cake Decorating Books -Cream of the Crop

Now, these two books are my very favorite. Easy to read, step by step instructions and lots of ideas. It is even a book that I will keep by the Porcelain Express.

Click on the images to read reviews and see what's inside!

I found these books to be for people who would like to make kids cakes! I would think that it is aimed at beginners as the skills needed to make the figurines are not difficult at all. Each project have a section that includes cupcakes that goes with the main cake. It is all step-by-step, extremely easy to understand and the pictures of high quality. You can almost make the figurines by just looking at the pictures and not even reading.

Click on the images to read reviews and see what's inside!

Making themed birthday cakes such as Tom and Jerry, Barney, Princesses or the likes of it, is a bit more complicated, but with practice everything can be done. I love these books, not just because it shows the steps, but the detail of the pictures, the ideas that you can mix and match are endless. Did I say that I adore these Authors Cake Decorating Books - all of them!

They even have templates at the back of the books, recipes and tips. Now, that I can make all of them, I will still browse through these books over and over and over! Now if you wonder if you will ever have an order for these characters - seeing that some are out of date - well, you do not need to make these figurines, but you surely learn so much out of these books. How to make facial features, arms, legs and a variety of other items. 

Click on the images to read reviews and see what's inside!

Last but not least are the Cake Sculpting Book and Modelling Chocolate. 

Remember, you do not have to buy a hard copy, you can read it on your kindle or tablet, so there is no waiting for a package at all!

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