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My favorite part of my business is my Cake Decorating Classes. I meet incredible ladies and form life-long friendships.

Wait, no....

my favorite part is everything! I am no pastry chef but I love to share what I have learned to others and to prove that you do not need to be the most creative person or talented person in the world to create beautiful food!

If you think that learning to make cakes have an end - think again, it never ever stops! It is just like the technology world. New gadgets becomes available daily. Cakes are floating already (called gravity defying cakes). Some of them even glow and move! Can you believe that....your food can move!

So, it all depends what you want to achieve and which type of Cake Decorating Classes you would want to attend. 

Cake Craft Studio

The Cake Decorating Classes below are all basic and some intermediate workshops. It works like this:

If you do not have any experience, then you will need to start with the Basics of Fondant. If you have covered cakes before, then you can skip the basics, but I have to say that the basics of fondant do not only include the basics. You also learn fun techniques such as frilling and even will learn to make simple roses.

Seriously......yes, not a simple or stupid rose, a rose that is suitable for a cupcake - quick and easy!  I always suggest this class, unless you are very familiar with Cake Decorating already and want to learn other skills such as  Carving Cakes. 

All my Classes include the tools that you need during the class as well as the cakes and cupcakes. The tools however remains the property of CCS, but can be bought prior to the workshop or at the workshop for your convenient. It is preferred to advise if you will be buying tools to ensure stock are available.

The prices indicated are for groups of 4 - 6. If you would like to have one-on-one training then there are basically two options available. The one that will be the cheaper option is to book the entire 7 - Courses which will be R10 000 and it will include all your tools that you will be taking home.

If you only want to attend one course, then it will be the indicated price x 3! 

Now that you know a bit more about the workshops, and would like to attend some or all the classes, just register below and I will get back to you in no time with the next training dates for the specific event. Courses are not scheduled in advance due to cake orders I have to fulfilled and other cake related activities.

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