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When I first decided to write about Cake Decorating Ideas, I struggled, because I did not want to just show a few cake pictures of awesome cakes. I wanted something unique, different and exciting!

As a cake decorator myself, it is not easy to show your own ideas as most of the time, clients want you to create a cake they have seen on the internet. People tend to want what they see, not what they can imagine.

There are only a few customers out there that are prepared to let you create to your hearts content. It is all about trust, and trust is only earned in time.

Therefore, this page is dedicated to those who feel like me. Looking for something different to make that is out of the ordinary, not found by just searching the internet. You will need to dig deep to get the best and that is exactly what I did.

Whether you are a baker or a person who is looking for your next cake, this is it!

Fun Cake Decorating Ideas

If you are like me, then you need to have some fun when decorating. We all sometimes, fall into a hole where we feel that we create the same thing over and over. Now when you feel that way, you need to create something that is fun and maybe even new to you as decorator.

If you are not in the Cake Business and you are looking for a fun cake for either your kids or someone else, that are not the normal themed cakes, then look no further. I might just bend your thoughts with these fun cake decorating ideas.

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas

On this page you will really find easy cake decorating ideas, yet nicely decorated cakes that can be done by beginners and even kids. You will be able to buy all you need for each cake at your local baking supplies shop.

Please understand that if the cake shows stripes, do not think you have to make stripes.

Use your imagination and replace it with dots, whether it is small dots, big dots, or dots within dots! Same apply to squares, diamonds or whatever shape you want to play with. 

There are really a wide variety of "gadgets" available to create fantastic cakes without breaking the bank or your skills. I always suggest to beginners to always start with something easy and then work your way up.

Do not attempt the most difficult cake, as you might be discouraged if you do not achieve what you see on the photo. 

Cake Decorating Ideas are  not just for cakes - it includes cookies and cupcakes! You can look at a thousand pictures of cakes on the internet, trying to get ideas, but on the end of the day, best ideas are born in your own head. 

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Next time, instead of just making a copy of a cake, why not combine the looks of a variety of cakes. Same applies to people who are looking for a different cake idea for their own birthdays. 

Let say you want to have an Alice in Wonderland cake. Search the internet for a variety of Alice cakes. Put them next to each other and see how you can combine different elements of the different cakes. 

You will see when you start to do that, your own creative juices will flow and you will add some of your own flare to it.

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

White Ruffled Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes are the most exquisite item any Cake Decorator can make. Probably because it is the second "thing" people look at after they've seen the bride. Yes, Wedding Cakes are still in! It will always be, even if it is not completely cake.

I have to say, I do not like to make the traditional wedding cake. I like to experiment and the cakes on this page are all beyond this world! Totally different and surely are the most fabulous wedding cakes!

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