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Cake Decorating Supplies is probably one of my biggest temptations. I just can't walk past a shop or browse a page where there are anything available that can make my task as Decorator easier. Sometimes, I have to admit, I buy stuff that I do not need, but as my empire of tools grow, my heart does too, because I know that someday I will need to make a certain order where that tool will be of great use.

Again, I do not hide what my purpose are on this website. I am trying to make you addicted to cake decorating too - LOL! Only joking! If you are on this page - you probably already caught the cake virus.

Anyways. Below are a few categories of Cake Decorating Supplies that you might want to invest in. From time to time, I will add other products that I have found useful and will add them too. Just remember to subscribe to my webpage or visit my face book page for updates.

Cake Decorating Supplies - By Category

Amazing Concentrated Flavors

Cake Decorating Supplies that I bought first. I honestly think that without them I would have felt so frustrated. It is only a few items, but probably the most important Cake Decorating Supplies.

All the other tools can be replaced by some household objects if you are the innovative kind, but as soon as your client base grows - your tools grows with you! Time is of the essence and tools can really make the difference.

Marble Rolling Pin

It is best to use a heavy Rolling Pin. Especially when you have to roll out your fondant.

You need to add some weight to get it rolled out evenly. 

TIP: Do not use a roller that have scratches on it or are damage in any way as it will make marks on your fondant.

Aluminium Cake Pans

This is the most important important tool you will ever buy. They are available in so many different shapes and sizes. 

Lots of suppliers are jumping on the band wagon with this little gadget. Making stainless steel pans. Non stick pans, Silicon pans....the list goes on.

TIP: My opinion! Stick with aluminium pans. The heat are spread evenly, making your cakes rise perfectly and the outside soft and not hard and crispy.  Invest and never look back.

Pasta Maker

Who would have thought that Pasta Makers can be used for Fondant.

This little gadget have a few cake decorating supplies in one. First it can roll out your fondant extremely thin! Secondly, it's attachments can be changed. Some of them you can use to my hair, others lines and so much more. A Fabulous tool to hook onto your work space.

TIP: Works fabulous when making flowers. Especially when you need the petals to be very thin. Will save you lots of time too.

Cake Boards

Cake Boards come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Most of them are the silver or gold types that are thin or thicker and that you will find in most Baking Shops.

They can be used as is or covered with fondant. I have also seen decorators covering them with other colored paper.

TIP:If you are into heavy, gravity defying cakes, then this will not work for your as you will need something more sturdy such as Cake Stackers.

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