Your Imagination is Our Limitation

Fun cake decorating themes are all around us. We only need to use our imaginations a little bit. What you dream you can create, it is just that easy. Just follow the steps when you plan and make your cake and you will quickly reach your end product. It applies with everything in life.

Small steps, big results. I will be talking about design in my design pages. You can't expect to make a perfect fondant rose on your first try - get my thought?

My cake decorating themes or cake gallery is broken up into sections to make it easier to browse and find that special cake. Some of the categories do not have any cakes in yet, and that is where you come in.

We would love to showcase your cakes on our site. You just need to tell us a bit more about yourself, how you made the cake and how people can contact you to place an order. See it as free advertising for you!

Cake Decorating Themes

Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are all about characters from movies, cartoons and TV shows. It will include both cakes for boys and girls, but it is not separated as these days even girls like Spiderman and there is nothing wrong about it.

Tiger and Friends

Please remember that whether you make a character cake for yourself or on order for someone else. It tends to be a bit more challenging that normal figurines such as a girl or boy figurine. Why, because characters have specific features and to make sure your cake capture the cake decorating theme you will need to ensure your figurine actually look like the character. Go there...

Party Cakes

In this  theme you will find cakes for any other type of cake. Boat cakes, flower cakes, animal cakes, number birthday cakes, the list is endless. All of these cakes are general and do not have a famous character attached to it. I love making these type of cakes as the client normally gives you freedom to create what you think will fit their specifications.

Love fishing then this Fish with Teeth will be a catch!

Baby Shower Cakes

What a fun theme, especially when a baby is involved. There is so much you can do with this theme. Carved cakes, pregnant tummies, animals on cakes, cakes pops and decorated cookies. Endless ideas for a fun filled cake day!

Me to you bear - big and ready to eat!

Picture Cakes

Picture cakes are the cheapest option for me. Being cheap does not mean not pretty anymore. It just means that you can decorate more area with pictures. 

Beach Picture Cakes for Teenagers

I prefer using buttercream icing instead of fondant when I make photo cakes. It sticks better and have an awesome look to it.

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