Cake mix
how to re-invent baking

Do you want a Cake Mix that goes all the way. One that saves you time and money; is organic and that will taste so good that your clients or family will not even know it comes out of a bag!

Being a Cake Decorator myself, I sometimes just wish for a recipe where there is NO thinking or weighing involved. In the past I would not even dare to buy any prepacked cake product! Mostly because I was uneducated about these mysterious "just add eggs and milk" products.

Until one day! I was planning to go to a local market and thought that 400 cupcakes will be a great start. I knew that my recipe was perfect, but it is a tedious job. I had to find something that will be quick and cost effective. I took the leap and tried my first cake in a bag! Wow, was I surprised. Even some family members told me they liked the cake mix more! Ouch, was not ready for that one!

The cake pop mix and cupcake mix kits are totally unique. It comes with everything you will need. Not just the ingredients. Fun to make with the kids!

How to choose the right cake mix

  • My personal experience are to choose a well known brand in your local store! If you are an online shopper, make sure you read the reviews of people who purchased the same product you are planning to buy. DO NOT just grab the cheapest product! Remember, you will get what you pay for. Be reasonable! 
  • Read the labels. What are in the ingredients! Do they have any money-back guarantees (love this one). If they do, it means that the specific product was tested thoroughly!
  • Other points to consider is how the manufacturer "push" the product. A good example are the products below. The company claim that their products are completely free of artificial dyes, made only with natural essentials which makes them organic. And do we all not love the word organic! Once again, if so much time was invested in obtaining organic ingredients, then the product must be awesome!

Try these fantastic Trio's today - you will not regret it! Read the reviews and see for yourself!

We are living in a modern society. I do believe that there's a place for recipes, especially when you need to make something totally unique and different, but if you need to make cupcakes for a kids birthday party! Why struggle? There are very talented people out there that wants to help you save time and effort. Embrace it!

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