Easy Cake Decorating Ideas
You can do it!

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Sometimes, we just want easy cake decorating ideas because we do not have time to spend on a complicated cake. Maybe you have never done a cake and needs to make a birthday cake for the first time. 

The problem is that if you’ve never been exposed to the cake-decorating world, and you do find a cake you would like to make, it might look easy until you start. I am going to show you what is possible to make for beginners and what you can use.

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas:    Cake Pans

Using cake pans is probably the best route to go if you have no idea how to carve cakes. If you are planning to make a Batman cake, Number cake or even a Heart for Valentines Day, cake pans will be your answer.

You just bake it and cover with fondant or pipe a pattern with butter cream. There are no difficulty and it still looks good. Cake pans can be rented by most baking stores or you can buy them online in different shapes.

Heart Cake

This is not my picture. Found it on the internet with  no name - If it belongs to you, let me know! Would love to give you the credit!

If you look at this heart cake you will see that it is fairly simple to make. What make it special are the perfect shape and the box ribbon (free tutorial here). The diamonds on the cake can be pre-bought as well as the mini hearts unless you just buy a cookie cutter.

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas:   Making a cake with a mold

Cupcake Time Molds

Another way in creating amazing cakes without all the cake decorating knowledge is molds. It is a secret that lots of Cake Decorators have. We all sometimes use a mold or two to make it easier for ourselves. The cake and photo belongs to Lady P’s Cupcakery. When I saw this, I thought that this is a good example of a mold being used. The impact these cupcakes make is huge. You only need a mold of two, some dusting powders and a circle cutter and you are made. The same rules apply to a cake. Just find a few nice molds – put it together and create a few masterpieces of your own.

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas:    Cakes and Cookie Cutters

Other easy cake decorating ideas include a simple round cake, covered with white butter cream – not made smooth at all. Next step is to find a large cookie cutter – like a star. Put it on the top of the cake and sprinkle hundreds and thousands or silver balls in the centre of the cookie cutter creating the pattern of the cutter.

Slowly remove and magically, you have a pretty cake. You can even go so far to take some sprinkles and apply it to the side of the cake with your hands. Just make sure the cake was in the fridge for a while so that the butter cream can crust a bit.

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas:   Cakes and Painting & Pictures

I have to admit that this is my favorite part. I love doodling, and imagine you can draw on your cakes. Or even better! You just cover it with fondant. Let it dry a bit and let your kids draw pictures on it.

Last but not least are cakes with pictures. You can just bake a cake. Find photos or pictures that you like. Even make collage. Get it printed and apply it to your cake and add a butter cream border. It is very easy and looks nice if you can add some candles and maybe use a mold for the butterfly or flower.

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