Fun Cake Decorating Ideas
Not your Everyday Cake

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Looking for fun cake decorating ideas? Are you bored with the same old styles? You are not the only one. The market are full of beautiful cakes, but what is next. What else can be done! I have searched everywhere and found a few cakes that are worth mentioning.

Fun Cake Decorating Ideas # 1 - Gift in a Cake

Gift in a cake idea

I have never made this kind of cake and actually think it is a fabulous and fun idea. I think this type of cake with be enjoyable for all ages. Imagine giving your wife/husband a cake on Valentines Day. You cut the cake and what is inside – a little box with a proposal and a ring?

How awesome will that be! Maybe you can even add a pattern inside the cake! A heart, check blocks or even make it a rainbow cake.

You can also put your child’s favorite Super Hero Toy inside the cake instead of the usual place on top of the cake. You then let them play a game of hide and see for finding this gift. Obviously giving them clues in finding it. Lot’s of joy and laughter for the family.

There is actually a video available for this kind of cake. It is very easy to do and follow. You will love it!

Fun Cake Decorating Ideas # 2 - Cake in a Box

This is also on my bucket list of cakes to make. It is totally different and I honestly do not think it is something that was done before.

You can buy the template for these boxes. Print and cut it with your own cutting machine.

If you do not have a cutting machine then, I’m sure the printers can help.  

Next will be to bake a cake to the specifications of the sizes of the individual cake slices. I think it would be best to cut the cake slices slightly smaller than the box, so you have a nice fit. Make all the layers and lastly add your paper decor on top.

Fun Cake Decorating Ideas # 3 - Coloring In Book Cake

Now it seems that the fun cake decorating ideas are rolling in! This idea does not have any images associated with it because what I have in my mind is nowhere on the Internet. It is something that I’ve been thinking of for a while, but did not yet have the time to make. I’ve decided to make this cake my first Video Tutorial.

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  • Think of your Child's favorite short story.
  • Grab some kind of software where you can add words and pictures.
  • Rewrite the short story adding your child and the friend's name in. 
  • Organise the words on several pages, as you need to make space for the coloring in pictures. 
  • Google for the black and white coloring pages and insert them into the right place. 
  • You can obviously choose your own story too as long as it is not longer than 3 pages. 
  • Remember to add a cover sheet that is colorful as it will be the top page.
  • Once done. You will need to print the pages on edible sheets with edible ink.

You can make your book cake now as normal. The only difference will be the pages that can be paged like a normal book. Now how will you be able to page the book?

You will need to make medium-sized holes on the side of the page as well as creating binder rings with gum paste that you will attach to the middle of the book. This will be the most delicate part, but it is doable, especially if you use florist wire inside the gum paste.

Lastly, you will need to give your little one a paintbrush and food coloring – (gel) to coloring in his pages on his birthday before you cut the cake. Is that  not cute or what?

Fun Cake Decorating Ideas # 4 - Moving Train Cake

The question that you need to ask when you make this cake is whether you actually want your child to “NOT” want to eat the cake! Why, because he will want to play with his food not eat it.

Now the idea here is to build a cake with a mountain passage or even just a flat cake with lots of trees and decor. You can let your imagination free in this idea because there is so much you can do. Even create a little city if you like with lots of figurines.

Imagine building a town with Barney and his friends with a real train that is moving on the cake. Your child will be ecstatic! What you will need to do is to make sure you wash the toy train tracks properly.

Insulate the wires coming from the train track so that it does not touch the cake. Lastly you add the train! You can even go so far to install little led lights to make the city come alive.

In this very short video, you will see what I mean. I have no idea who made this specific cake, but you will see what I am picturing! 

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