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How to Price Cakes 

If you need to learn how to price cakes for profit, you found the right place. I've been battling with pricing cakes myself for a long time, until my husband one day decided he had enough. The online cake costing software application were designed after an in depth research. It was tested over and over again to make sure that you will be able to cost your products in the correct way and make profit. What makes the application amazing is the total freedom. You can add as many recipes as you want, unlilmited ingredients and it does not matter where in the world you are, it is not connected to a specific currency. It only works with numbers making it super easy. 

The software is guaranteed to make your costing easy. 

Free Workshop Videos on How to Price Cakes for Profit

How to Price Cakes

This video is the same as the above, but it is much shorter and do not go into depth.

The Software

Same as the video above but much shorter version.

For more in-depth videos of the above, please visit the YouTube Channel​​​​​​​

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