Mickey Mouse Cake
Minnie Mouse Tutorial

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Minnie Mouse Cake

If you are a baker, chances are that you had to make a Mickey Mouse Cake somewhere in your cake career! For those who have never tried to make this figurine, this page is for you! Mickey and Minnie can really look like a daunting task, but if you follow the instructions, you will soon realize that all figurines are about a step by step process. It is all about their characteristics. When making any figurine, you need to first see what makes them unique. In this character, the face is a mouse, but the ears and the heart-shaped face stands out. 

Mickey Mouse Cake Ideas

Mickey Mouse Cake Double Tier
Mickey Mouse Cake
Mickey and Minnie Cakes
Mickey and Minnie Cake

Minnie Mouse Picture Tutorial

Tools needed:

  • Fondant
  • Small styrofoam balls (two sizes)
  • Toothpicks or candysticks/spagetti
  • Ball tool
  • Hobby knife
  • Heart cookie cutter (to fit on the Styrofoam ball)
  • Edible Glue
  • Round Cookie Cutter
Minnie Mouse Cake Head

In this picture tutorial we will be  making Minnie, but remember it is the same for Mickey. Just the clothes change and obviously Mickey do not want the ribbon between his ears.

I am using a styrofoam ball but you can also roll a fondant ball, let it dry long in advance so that it is totally hard. If you use the foam ball. Cover it with black fondant.

Use your heart cookie cutter and cut out a heart out of the ball. Use cutter again and cut out flesh color and fill up the space on the ball. If your ball is solid fondant, attach the heart on top of the ball.

To make the ears. You need to measure the size of your two balls to the ball you just made. If it is in proportion, flatten it and insert two toothpicks or spaghetti.

This is probably the only tricky part. Roll out flesh color fondant as per picture. apply to the face and use fingers to form it nicely. You might need to do this a few times if you have never done this before.

Use your ball tool and make indent where the nose will go as well as the mouth. Give it a wide smile and apply a round black ball to the nose and insert the ears into the head.

Follow the picture in making the bow. Use your finger when rolling in the middle of the fondant. Press down on both sides. Use your ball tool and create an indent. Do that on both sides. Form with your fingers both sides. Use another piece of fondant for the centre. Make marks using your hobby knife.

Roll out two small oval white balls for the eyes and press down with finger equally. Add to the face. Make two more balls, black and a very small white. Flatten and apply. For a Mickey Mouse Cake you will not add eyelashes at this stage.

The feet needs to be made long in advance. Especially because you will be pressing the pink around the ball to form a shoe. If you do not let the ball dry, you will be squeezing the feet out of form. Use a mold to make the little ribbons.

When I make figurines, I like to do it in the position that I know will go on a cake. You can see in the pic above that it is in a bending position, meaning that she will be sitting. Remember to use a glue strong enough to adhere the fondant to each other.

Another ball. Slightly bigger than the ball needed for the head. Again, make sure it hardens. Use a round cookie cutter and cut out a pink circle. Frill the circle.

Add the frill on top of your ball and put aside. Make two round balls and create crevices. This will be used  for the look of pants on the body.

Attach the part as in picture above. Make the top part of the body and form a heart. Cut of the bottom piece and apply to figurine. Remember to make it in proportion. You also need to cut out another smaller circle. And create a white "pacman" This will be  her color. Use a candy stick/tooth pick or spaghetti and push through the figurine to make her sit up. Remember if you are now making a Mickey Mouse Cake,  you will be using red for the pants and black for the top piece of the body.

Add the collar. Use a straw and cut out small dots and apply to her dress.

The sleeves are just two rectangle rounded edges where you form the sleeve part by pressing slightly between your thumbs. Apply with glue and spaghetti to the body.

The arms are just two rectangle sausages. The hands you only need to roll two balls. Flatten and use hobby knife to cut out a triangle. In the rest of the hand make two more cuts and form with your fingers.

If you have made a Mickey Mouse Cake or Minnie Mouse Cake, email it to me as I will soon have a section for your cakes.

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