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What are Funky Party Cakes? It's my version or cakes that are not Character Cakes and not just for birthday but for any special event. I hope that you will find the cakes inspiring on this page and that you do learn a few things from the way I did it.

                           Topsy Turvy Cake

Topsy Turvy Cake

My version of a Topsy Turvy. It was my first slanted cake. I was so worried that the cake will fall off when transported, but with the right support it reached its destination in perfect order.

When I plan to make party cakes - I usually make sure there is ample time for the embellishments to dry. In this case the spirals were made rolling it around a wooden skewer and left to dry. Flowers were build one layer over the other and left to dry in an egg tray. That way the petals form nicely.

Roses in a Cup CAke

If you wonder if the cup is cake - Nope! It is an empty fondant shell, made over a polystyrene, plastic covered dome. Roses are all on toothpicks because I've found them more sturdy, seeing that it goes inside the cup into another polystyrene ball. Sides of cake is done by hand drawing the diamond shapes (did not have a tool at that stage yet). Ball added one by one.Now there are even tools for that too!

Roses in a Cup Cake

Cowboy and Cowgirl Party Cakes

If you are a fan of cowboy and crook movies, line dancing and country music, then these cakes might appeal to you! It is really fun to make and not that difficult.

The shape a cowboy hat. You only need cereal treat. Just shape the inner part in an oval form - use hands to form the middle part. Cover with butter cream and cover with fondant.

The outside rim of the hat must be formed by making a circle (you can use a large plate to cut out or draw a large circle on paper - cut out and use as the stencil. rim of the hat to your liking and use your fondant roller or empty toilet rolls or even kitchen towel rolls on the side of the cake to dry.

If you are wondering how the cow spots were made. It looks complicated but is really easy. Just need to roll out your white fondant. Cut out thin black patches (no need to be perfect). Space them neatly apart on the white fondant. Roll over it again and you have a perfect cow pattern. Cover your cake as normal.

Cowboy Cake
Cowgirl Cake
Cowboy Cake and Boots
Cowgirl Cake with flowers

Army Party Cakes

How did I make the helmet? You have three options! 

  1. Use cereal treat to form.
  2. Use a ball cake pan.
  3. Use only fondant and shape over a Pyrex bowl or polystyrene ball.

De wings of the plane were made with fondant and left to dry before attached to the cake. Ice cream sticks were put in the cake and wings rested on it. (No way to see it as it was painted with food coloring)! Same applies to the tank. 

Army Hat Cake
Army Plane Cake
Army Tank Cake

Alcohol Party Cakes

Oh, I had so much fun in making the Whiskey Cake. I used Photo Draw to change the Jack Daniels to the person's name. Printed it with an edible printer and attach to cake.

As for the castle member - Also just printed the image and added it to the top of the cake.

Wiskey Cake
Castle Lid Cake

High Heel Shoe Cakes

Making stiletto or high hill shoes out of fondant is my favorite. It's almost like being a designer of your own chimney. I have made plenty of different shoes. In the beginning, I would use my template, but these days there is enough online. You can do so much with a shoe - why not add some lace to the shoe ... ideas are endless.

The lettering on these cakes was done with a Cricut Cake Machine - wonderful piece of equipment. Unfortunately, it is not manufactured anymore. The ribbon is also pretty simple to make, but make sure you let it dry in advance otherwise they will fall flat. See my instructions here on how to make the ribbon.

Search for fondant high heel shoe templates here!

Black Shoe Cake
Pink and Black Shoe Cake

Music Party Cakes

If you think, ​​Novelty Cakes in general are time consuming, try your hand at a DJ Pioneer cake with lots of buttons. A very fun cake, but you need to draw all the lines and write all the words with a very fine paintbrush. 

As for the long-play. The needle point needs to be maid in advance to dry hard so you will be able to attach to cake without it bending in.

Pioneer DJ Box Cake
Longplay Box

Swimming Pool Party Cakes

Wow, what can I say. Like I mentioned before. I love making figurines, especially fun one's like the people lying at the pool. 

I still can not decide which trees I like most. The flat upright trees or the bulky 3D trees. The water was made with a combination of gelatin, food coloring, glitter and glucose giving that shiny effect.

BeachEdible Picture Cake
Swimming Pool Cake with figurines

Handbag Cakes

Black and Red look so nice together. The handbag was made with cake and not cereal treat at all. Just make sure you use the correct dowel support in your cakes when they are above the normal height. You do not want the cake to collapse because of the weight of the fondant.

Handbag Cake

Sports Cakes

I do not know how you feel when you get an order for a Rugby Cake and the team they want you to make, is a team that you do not support!  I actually make it a humorous by telling them I will add an extra figurine, representing my team!

The rugby poles are just candy sticks, but you can replace them with thin fondant. Just roll it our really thin, insert spaghetti and let it dry before you use it.Candy Sticks are another option.

Rugby Cake
Hockey Cake
Paintball Cake
Paintball Cake

Girly Party Cakes

Bee Hive Cake
Butterfly Cake
Crown Cake
Princess Cake

Monster CAke

Carved Party Cakes

I think carved cakes are the most challenging cakes. If you watch some TV shows or google for carved masterpieces you will find amazing sculptured cakes - life size wedding dresses - all cake, huge elephants - all cake! Amazing what we can do if we put our mind to it. 

But, let's just settle for the normal carved cakes for now. You can still make lovely cakes with a little bit of planning. The green friendly crocodile below was all cake. Except the legs. That was done with Cereal Treat.  Mrs. Ladybug can be done in a dome pan or just carved slightly around the edges to give a rounder look.

Rocket Ship and Boat are all cake. You are going to carve the pieces separately, then collect with icing before covering with fondant. Remember that the beginning can look awful, but when you go on and add embellishments - everything will come together nicely. Lastly, the flags of the Pirate Boat is made by printing on edible sheets.

I always say: "Fondant can be very forgiving" There are always a way to manipulate the error made on a cake.

Crocodile Cake
Bee Cake
Ladybug Cake
Skeleton Cake
Pirate Boat Cake
Rocket Ship Cake
Tractor Cake
Train Cake

Dinosaur Cakes

Making Dinosaur Figurines are fun as they do not have those specific features like a Batman or Spiderman Figurines. They can be made looking vicious or sweet. I suppose it all depends on the person who receives the cake.

The Dino Head below was all cake. Normally it can be made with grain treats, which are easy and easy to push and then cover with fondant. You can not remember when to make a cake with cake: The cake card in the same way as the head of Dino. The cake must rest on the cake plate and then put on the top of the dowels placed in the bottom cake. If you do not do that it will sink into the cake below or even make the bottom cake bulge. 

Dinosaur Figurine Cake
Dinosaur Cake

Other Party Cakes

Motorbike Cake
Office Cake

Farm Cakes

Fishing Cakes


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