A picture cake can be made with edible sheets or wafer paper that are printed on with edible ink. The machine I'm currently using is the Canon Pixma ip7240 which is not available in all countries - which is so weird, but the Canon Pixma ip7220 do the same thing.

There are actually a wide variety of printers that can be used to print edible sheets, but you need to make sure that their are cartridges available for it. 

New edible ink printers from InkEdibles.com! Includes the Canon MG6821, Canon MX922 and Epson -WF-2650. They utilize the latest edible ink cartridges from both companies.

Most of these machines come with the original (demo) cartridges. Please do not use them with the machine if you've decided to utilize the machine for edible prints. As you can contaminate the edible sheets and puts yourself at risk.

You will also need to remember to obtain a set of cartridges to clean the head now and then. Reason: The ink is sugar and can cause a build up. It is also said that you should print regularly once you've started using the machine because it can become dry and you might damage the head!

Lastly, lots of the edible ink cartridges can be re-filled but I personally will not suggest that. Canon products have little microchips (if that is what it is called). If you use a product that is not original, it picks it up and sometimes will not work. The same applies to the edible cartridges. Yes, it is not a Canon product but the manufacturers simulate the chip to make it work.

Well, that is what I understand, I could be wrong, but it makes sense as it has happened to me before. It is better to just buy the next set of cartridges.


You can also leave out the printing and draw on the sheets or even directly on the cake covered fondant. You can even write on marshmallows, royal icing, edible or any dried product. Buttercream will unfortunately not work as it is too oily. 

If you think that you do not have the art within yourself to draw like a pro, then get your kids into this activity. 

It really looks adorable and they will be having fun too.I would just advise that you first let them practice on dried fondant to get the feel for the pens first.


If you think that a picture cake is boring, then think twice. Just look how cool this cake is. It was made by Amarantos Cakes.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate photos of your loved ones or drawings of your cakes into a masterpiece.

I just had a brain wave. Why not create a book with edible sheets. Write your own story with pics that can be paged. That will be a show stopper!

Edible printed images can be used on buttercream and fondant or any surface that have some kind of stickiness to it. If you use it on a cookie, make sure you use edible glue. The same applies for Fondant Cakes. If you place the image directly on Buttercream then you do not need any glue as the buttercream is sufficient.

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