Spiderman Birthday Cake
Movie # 1,2,3,4...

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The phone rings.. "I bet it is another Spiderman Birthday Cake" my kids giggle in the background!

The words of my children can't be more true. How many times did you have to make this cake or had to order a cake like this for your kids, or even attended a kids party where the theme was Spidey? 

And...just when you think this craze is over, a new movie is doing its rounds! Now if you can't win them, you might as well join them and become crazy about it too. Just remember to ask which Spidey they want as there are differences, even if you do not realize it.

How this Spiderman Birthday Cake was made

Two Tier Spiderman Cake

What you need for this cake:

In cake decorating, planning plays a very big role. You need to decide what needs to be made in advance. In this cake the topper can be done the same day, but if you make it in advance you will feel less stressed and more in control. When using the templates, it will be best to open in an editing program so that you can adjust it according to the size of your cake. The template provided is for a 25cm and bigger cake.

Begin with the cake board. Cover it in red and let it aside to dry a bit. Do not add the web yet as you need to do that last.

Make the buildings by cutting a few large fondant squares. Assemble it on the cake in different patterns resembling buildings. Cut a small quantity of yellow squares and attach to buildings reflecting windows. Do not add the name yet.

Add the second tier. Remember to stabilize the cake with candy sticks otherwise it will be to heavy and sink into the bottom tier. On the side of the cake, use the Spiderman Font Template that you can print here. Round off the second tier with red balls.

Now it is time to add the topper. Print this template for this Spiderman Birthday Cake. Cut out the Head and the eyes as per the sample on the right. Roll out red fondant, place the head template on fondant and cut out the head using the craft knife. Do not remove the template yet. Trace over the black lines to create soft lines. 

Repeat with the black and white parts of the eye. Attach the pieces in the right place. Once it is dry, use an edible black pen and draw over the soft line indentations you've made earlier.

Last but not least, use a mold and make a few small spiders. Cut out the letters for the name using your cutter of choice and attach to the cake. The lines on the cake board can now be drawn with the black edible pen or using the sugar paste extruder. Ka-Boom - you have a Spiderman Birthday Cake that you can be proud of.

Full Fondant Spiderman

Supplies needed:

Tip: Do not cut on your silicon mat. Use cutting mats that you use in the kitchen or a granite block with a bit of icing sugar on.

Making this Spiderman Birthday Cake might take some patience. I would suggest that you do not make the web until the cake is done and already in the box as the cake was moved and little fingers pushed the lines that was already dry out of its place. Before you start. Work a bit of CMC powder into your fondant to make it more workable.

Before printing the template. Make use of an editing program so you can print the template over two pages otherwise your spiderman will be the size of an A4. Print and cut all the part as per the picture on the right.

Roll out the red fondant and cut out the pieces that will be red. Overlay template again and trace over the lines to make lines. Make sure the line around the face is deeper than the rest. 

Repeat for all the other pieces. Leave to dry for a few minutes before assembling it on the cake.  

2D Spiderman Cake on buttercream icing.

You need:

Making a Spiderman Birthday Cake like this one is so easy and fast. Only butter cream used!

Print and cut out the template here. Roll out red fondant. Place template on fondant and cut out. Do not remove as you now need to trace over the lines to make lines on the fondant. 

Remove template and go over the lines with the edible pen. Cut out other pieces. Add it all to the cake.

Standing Spiderman on Two Tier Cake

Supplies needed:

  • Red, blue, black, yellow fondant
  • Small spider mould
  • Large and small square cutter
  • Sugar paste extruder
  • Spagetti for Spidey's arms and head
  • Candy Stick
  • Edible black pen

Tip: Do not use toothpicks for arms and neck as it is dangerous - especially in figurines that the kids always eat first.

Same steps for making this Spiderman Birthday Cake applies, like in the other cakes above. What you do need is a tutorial on how to make Spidey. You can find it here.

For the less daring - you can print an edible photo of Spiderman add some words to it and put it on your cake. Less decorating and look just as good.

There are also cupcake option...Look at the samples of cupcake wrappers, edible toppers, printed toppers - list is endless. Just email me your requirements and I will print for you.

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