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​​​​​​​ 94 Value Packed Pages

 Time Management

 Goal Setting

 Finding your Niche

 Online Marketing

 Offline Marketing

 Pricing your Cakes

 Cake Contracts

 Social Media


 Customer Management

 Business Planning

 Competitor Analysis



 and so much more

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Cake Business Training

Free Cake Business Training

Cake Warrior Series

Video 1 of 3

Video 2 of 3

Video 3 of 3

Cake Business Training is just as important as learning how to bake a cake or even decorating the cake. If you do not have the necessary business skills to acquire customers and know how to keep them, you will soon find out that profitability and sustainability starts with setting up your business in the right mind set. 

Cake Decorating is an evergrowing niche. More and more people enter this industry hoping to make a killing, but soon feel that it is too competitive. The problem is not the competition it is the way you treat your business. If you are just seen by your clients as the cake lady down the street, you already have a problem. You need to differentiate yourself and be a serious competitor. Do things differently and in a professional way. Finding your niche inside a niche is extremely important. Start today with this free Cake Business Training - Warrior Series of videos. 

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