Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas
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Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas are so scarce on the internet.  When you search for outstanding wedding cakes you only find the normal traditional white cake with flowers on, or a few figurines, some broken cakes, naked cakes and the rest…they all look so....been there, done that!

So I made it my mission to find cakes that really makes me tick and I hope it will give you some inspiration too. If you come across something amazing or even have an idea of your own, I would love to hear from you.

My Best Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

When I found these Wedding Cakes, I was really astounded. It is absolutely gorgeous, stunning and awesome in the same time. Especially the cake with the pieces that looks like shattered pieces.

I think that if you change those shattered pieces to look like glass it will even have a greater impact. It can probably be made with Isomalt, but you will need to find the right mold for that. Maybe you have a few ideas on how to make shattered glass?Both these cakes were made by Rose Bud Cakes.

Mosaiek Wedding Cake
Dry Branches Wedding Cake

Traditional African Wedding Cakes are really scarce and there are normally not a lot of ideas purely because most do not understand the culture. When I saw this cake, it jumped at me saying: “I am a Traditional African Cake, but you just need to add a black cauldron with feathers on top to make me complete!”  The Cake Girls created this orange cake. I can’t help to wonder if they had Africa in mind as the color shouts Africa!

African Wedding Cake

A Macaroon Wedding Cake decorating ideas! That must be delicious ! And I am sure that you can agree with  me, that this cake scream out loud the personality of the couple. Fun, easy-going and not concerned about detail or appearance. 

Even though this cake is simple, it brings something else to the wedding. I just can't put my finger on it at the moment!

I am sure were amazed at their own work!

Macaroon Wedding Cake
Steam Punk Cake

Gothic Wedding Cakes or rather say Steam Punk Cakes are totally wicked! Just joking.

They are extraordinary because it is a special type of couple that would order a cake such as this. They have to be bold with a no care attitude because people talk!

So what, even if the people talk, it will be about how outstanding the cake was.

Sweet Lake Cakes really outdone themselves on this cake. They are known for their out of the box designs.

I crave these cakes as they shout loud and clear. Now, who do not want this inspiration!

Chalkboard Wedding Cake

And then ladies and gentleman, there are the Chalkboard Wedding Cake decorating ideas! 

- I lost all my words! It looks like the butterfly is made of material! Probably done with edible lace. You can get amazing edible lace mats and lustre dust.

As for the chalkboard - It can be hand painted, or a stencil that was used. It can even be a cake wrap.

The combination just works. I wish I can have my wedding cake all over - it will look like this one! Spotty Cake Tin really did a fabulous job on this one. 

Now if these cakes are not an art, then I do not know! Just when I thought I found the perfect Wedding Cake - something else comes along. I have no idea who made these beauties as I found it on Buzzfeed, even tried the wording on the pictures, because just maybe I can find the artists and show off their work here. the hand painted cake really demands talent. It is not something that can be taught! I doubt whether I would cut any of these cakes. Would you?

Bark Wedding Cake
Bark Wedding Cake

For more amazing and stunning wedding cakes, just click on my Pinterest feed!

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